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The names below represent the services at Burton Funeral Homes in the past two weeks. Just click on the name to read the obituary and leave a message of condolence for the family. If the service you are looking for took place more that two weeks ago, please enter the name of the deceased in the search box and click search. You may also click past obituaries to alphabetically find the name you are searching for.

Related Services


West Ridge

3801 W 26th St
Geer Elizabeth

Elizabeth Geer

Born: 07/28/1920 Died: 08/15/2023

Weber Dennis

Dennis Weber

Born: 10/01/1945 Died: 09/30/2023

Mizanin Pierrette

Pierrette Mizanin

Born: 07/23/1947 Died: 10/01/2023

Johnson Gerald

Gerald Johnson

Born: 11/26/1948 Died: 09/29/2023

Peplinski Joseph 2

Joseph Peplinski

Born: 11/25/1932 Died: 10/03/2023



602 W 10th St

Louis VanBuskirk

Born: 04/03/1943 Died: 09/30/2023

Jamison Audrey

Audrey Jamison

Born: 11/01/1942 Died: 09/26/2023

Beuth Joseph

Joseph "Bob" Beuth

Born: 06/30/1943 Died: 09/29/2023

LeTrent Sharon

Sharon Mohney-LeTrent

Born: 04/29/1957 Died: 09/14/2023

Koehle Renae

Renae Koehle

Born: 12/24/1958 Died: 09/12/2023



2532 Norcross Rd
Graham Addison Photo 003

Addison Graham

Born: 11/06/2001 Died: 09/13/2023

Pizzi Peter obit older

Peter Pizzi, Jr.

Born: 07/20/1941 Died: 09/03/2023


Robert Obendorfer

Born: 04/08/1944 Died: 08/28/2023

Charles Barbara

Barbara Charles

Born: 12/29/1936 Died: 08/29/2023

Dill Joan

Joan Dill

Born: 09/26/1935 Died: 08/18/2023



525 Main Street East
Carmody Judith

Judith Carmody

Born: 10/01/2023 Died: 08/05/1945

Blasco Vickie

Vickie Blasco

Born: 07/24/1954 Died: 09/19/2023

Pettigrew Luczak Karen

Karen Pettigrew Luczak

Born: 12/10/1956 Died: 09/09/2023

Smith Ricky

Ricky Smith

Born: 09/26/1953 Died: 09/04/2023

Garity Geoffrey

Geoffrey Garity

Born: 10/13/1964 Died: 08/28/2023


Formerly the Quinn Funeral Home Branch

728 W 9th St

Dorothy Hetrick

Born: 12/07/1927 Died: 03/22/2023

Mary D. Weir 001

Mary Weir

Born: 04/28/1929 Died: 03/05/2023

Kathleen Teed

Born: 04/15/1964 Died: 03/06/2023

DiGangi Marie

Marie DiGangi

Born: 07/26/1935 Died: 03/01/2023

Sr. James Francis MulliganSSJ

Sr. James Mulligan, SSJ

Born: 04/02/1925 Died: 02/26/2023

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