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The names below represent the services at Burton Funeral Homes in the past two weeks. Just click on the name to read the obituary and leave a message of condolence for the family. If the service you are looking for took place more that two weeks ago, please enter the name of the deceased in the search box and click search. You may also click past obituaries to alphabetically find the name you are searching for.

Related Services


West Ridge

3801 W 26th St
Elmer Julie

Julie Elmer

Born: 08/14/1973 Died: 05/17/2022

Kolakowski Len Older

Leonard Kolakowski

Born: 07/30/1922 Died: 05/03/2022

Enstrom David

David Enstrom

Born: 01/29/1956 Died: 05/11/2022

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Scott Horvath

Born: 07/08/1971 Died: 05/17/2022

Freeman Matthew

Matthew Freeman

Born: 05/25/1976 Died: 05/16/2022



525 Main St E

Janet Sekerak Nixon

Born: 05/17/1922 Died: 02/25/2022

Davis Rebecca.crop 1

Rebecca Davis

Born: 05/20/1951 Died: 09/14/2021

Green William

William Green, Jr.

Born: 08/07/1939 Died: 05/11/2022

Hrinda Barbara

Barbara Hrinda

Born: 12/16/1950 Died: 05/01/2022

Brandt Kimberly

Kimberly “Kimmy” Kay Brandt

Born: 03/12/1963 Died: 05/03/2022



602 W 10th St
Rothrock David G

David Rothrock

Born: 04/05/1937 Died: 05/18/2022

Mills Mark

Mark Mills

Born: 06/01/1954 Died: 05/14/2022

Woodel Patricia

Patricia Woodel

Born: 09/01/1947 Died: 04/27/2022

Johnson Andrew

Andrew Johnson

Born: 04/24/1947 Died: 05/01/2022

Wilson Donna

Donna Wilson

Born: 09/25/1940 Died: 05/04/2022



2532 Norcross Rd
Agnello Patricia

Patricia Agnello

Born: 06/17/1974 Died: 04/28/2022

Kensill revised

William Kensill

Born: 12/16/1941 Died: 03/04/2022

Joyce Jean

Jean Joyce

Born: 08/20/1930 Died: 04/14/2022

Lynn Vikki

Vikki Lynn

Born: 01/12/1942 Died: 04/17/2022

Haffley Florence newer

Florence Haffley

Born: 01/30/1925 Died: 04/21/2022


Quinn Funeral Home

728 W 9th St
Lux Ann.2

Ann Lux

Born: 05/10/1940 Died: 12/18/2021


Gayanne Nieratko

Born: 05/16/1942 Died: 05/13/2022


Pearl Sabetti

Born: 10/21/1929 Died: 04/27/2022

Flagella Nicholas

Nicholas Flagella

Born: 10/25/1952 Died: 04/17/2022

Rigazzi Gloria

Gloria Rigazzi

Born: 02/28/1927 Died: 04/14/2022

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