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Greg Kurt

It has been just over a week since you left us. As it was with Dad and Eugene, this has been a difficult week. I wish I could have been there more. Moving on is hard and our world is already so different without you in it, but I know Heaven shines even brighter. You are where you should be with Dad, Eugene and all those you have been waiting for you. I will try to celebrate your life by being a better person, better husband, father, brother and friend. I will miss you Mom... Love forever

Bob Foessett, Lt Col, USAF, Las Vegas NV

I knew Mrs. Kurt when I was a child as we lived on the same street in Erie. I was also a friend to her special daughter, Linda, and late son, Eugene. Recently, I talked briefly to Linda to express my sincere condolences regarding Eugene's passing. Though St James is no longer my church as I now live outside of Erie, I will be honored to offer a Mass for Mrs. Kurt at my local parish. Rest in peace Mrs. Kurt, after living a wonderful life and sharing it with your beautiful family.

Georgie Smith

My Aunt Millie was the sweetest Aunt I ever had ❤️ She will forever live on I’m my heart! Enjoy your eternal life with Uncle Gene, Eugene and all your sibling especially my Mom, Dad and my sweet Robbie! Until we meet again, you will always be remembered by my family and me! I love you ❤️????????????

Charles Curtis

So very sorry to hear about your mother. Living to be 102 is amazing. Really was looking forward on coming to the showing and seeing all of you but the weather kept me from coming. My deepest sympathy and condolences to all of the family.

Becky & Ken Samler

Rest in peace, Mrs. Kurt. We were so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing, Rick and Debbie. What a great, long life she had.

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