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Doug Swanson

I extend to the family of John my condolences on the passing in January of John. Both he and Colleen were acquaintances since high school. They were both great people. All the best to their kiddies.

John DeAngelo

To the Family, I was sorry to hear of John's passing. He was a great father, husband and friend to many people. John and myself, along with Norb Hardner attended St. Patrick's grade school for eight years until graduation. I'm sure that John has looked up "Norbie" by now and they are having a pizza together--talking about old times together. I offer my condolences to John's family and all who loved him. Sincerely, John DeAngelo

Gerry Butts

John, Colleen and the Doyle family have been customers of mine since the years on twelfth and Pittsburg. I would like to say “rest in peace John”; but I don’t think rest was ever on his agenda. A friend and a force, you always knew, from the time he opened the door, that John was in the room. America was born for men like John to build. God will have a good time with this one! Go in peace John, everyone at Gerry Butts Auto will miss you. GB

John scott

Sorry for your loss rip john

29th. District Chaplin, Bob Ekelund

To the Doyle family. The officers and veteran members of The American Legion 29th. District, offer our condolences at this difficult time of loss.

Kathy Van Sickel Brown

Reading John's obituary brought back so many fun and wonderful memories of our families' get-togethers in Cooks Forest and up in Canada. He and Colleen always made us feel welcome and loved, and encouraged us to have adventures. We knew we were in for a wild ride every time we got in the jeep- all 10 of us Doyle and Van Sickel kids- and hung on for dear life on the bumpy dirt roads around their cabin. I can actually still remember the music we were blasting.-1970's rock and roll. My dad and John would tell stories and laugh for hours. They met at State College where they were on the ski jumping team together, which was funny because they never actually got to compete, but they forged a lifelong friendship. My dad always respected John and what he was able to accomplish in Erie and elsewhere with his construction ventures. John and Colleen were wonderful lifelong friends for my mom and dad, and I am saddened at John's passing. I am grateful to the Lord for John's full life, and hope to meet him again in our glorified bodies, where there will be no more death, no more tears, and we will worship God together in eternity.

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