Harry T. George - Condolences

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Mary and William (Bill) Braund Jr.

Harry and I were step-cousins you could say. My step father William F. George was Harry's Uncle. His dad Harry was William's brother. We were kids together living only a couple of blocks apart during the our high school years from about 1952-1957. In 1957 I joined the Navy and a year later I married my wife Mary. We sort of lost track of each other after that. Many moves thanks to the US Navy. We saw him on occasion when we would come home to Erie for reunions.He was like a brother to me Mary always enjoyed his company. Will miss him. God bless you cousin.

Terry Toomey

My cousin Harry was one of "the good guys" in the neighborhood growing up. Always cheerful and quick to laugh and smile, he visited with my folks over coffee most Sunday mornings of my youth. Got me a summer job at Ervite as I worked my way through college. We who knew him were blessed.

Jim Ledden

Knew Harry many years. Always up for Coffee and good conversation. Enjoyed his unique laugh. Prayers his spirit and soul is in Heaven enjoying his great parents. Also, prayer for the family. Jim Ledden Port Richey, Fl.

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