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Denis Krill

Every once in a while, you meet in life someone who makes an immediate connection with you, someone you know instinctively you will always look back on and know that the world you inhabit was made indelibly better because of their presence in your universe. Such a person for me was Denny Sanders. I have known Denny and Laurie for years and I have frequently thanked my lucky stars to have had the Gift of both of them in my life. It is rare to meet a man as selfless and as giving as Denny Sanders - a man whose giving never was conditioned on anything other than knowing he made a difference in your life. I remember so vividly how, when my Dad retired from many years of machine design work, he needed advice on setting up a small machine shop in his basement for retirement projects. I put him in touch with Denny and Denny gave of his time, energy and shop resources to help my Dad in designing and building his little retirement machine shop. My Dad used that work, in turn, to do several projects for sick and housebound folks and, like Denny, never asked for a penny in return. For me, I saw in Denny Sanders the best example of almost anyone I’ve ever met who was a devoted husband, father, employer, colleague, member of the armed forces. He gave of himself tirelessly to vets at the VA Hospital in Erie, befriending so many vets whose lives were comforted by Denny’s encouragement, humor and caring touch. Denny did this fabulous volunteer work literally until the few days before he passed from us. And of course, look at how very much he gave the country with his lengthy service in Viet Nam in the Navy, a chapter in his life that would so influence and guide his future life. In short, this is a man who was a giver, not a taker; a man who knew the strength of caring, love, devotion; a man who touched each and every person he came in contact with in a good and lasting way. In life today, there are so many occasions of division, hatred, polarization. The life of Denny Sanders was the most powerful statement to the contrary. He simply wanted to be your friend and to have you know he was worthy of your trust in his statement that everything was going to be alright. Denny Sanders was indeed a man of trust. He was a guy you just knew you wanted to have in your team, on your side. You knew that with him next to you, life WOULD be alright. So in his passing, we have lost a big and powerful light in our lives. We have lost someone whose judgment in going forward was always a special and illuminating guide to us. We will miss this wonderful man deeply. But we will always know, so vividly, that we were really, truly lucky to have had him as we did when we shared his presence in our lives. Our deepest condolences go to Laurie and all of the Sanders family on the loss of this wonderful man. Denis Krill

Richard and Laurie Deeter

Laurie, We were sad to hear about Denny's passing.I have good memories and will be thinking about you and the family. Peace and Love to you.

Bernie & Franz Zimmerman

Dear Laura & family. So sorry to hear Dennis passed. I have a fond memory from when we first married. You living next door to us on 10th street 55 years ago. We had upstairs apartments & could wave to each other. Our sons got to know one another at McDowel too much later. You are in our thoughts & prayers.

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